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This just in: CNN reports that Obama is the projected winner in our favorite swing state. GO BLUE!


What’s cookin’ good lookin’?

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USA Today’s ongoing election blog just reported that “things look good” in terms of smoothness of voting in Ohio. This bodes well for the estimated 80% voter turnout that CNN reported as well, citing Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner who definitely deserves a vacation after all of this is over.

But really, is it all over after today (or maybe tomorrow)? In truth, it has only just begun–and Ohio is the state to watch in determining just whose administration we’re talking about.

Vote Early and Often…or at least early

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It’s here! The most wonderful time of the (every fourth) year! Happy Election Day to you, happy election day to you, happy election day dear America, happy election to you!

Okay, now that I’ve cleansed myself of political nerdiness, we now turn to the report on The Plain Dealer‘s website that approximately a quarter of voters in Northeast Ohio have already voted. The article cites secretary of state Jennifer Brunner as estimating that 5.5 million Ohioans will vote in this election. These 5.5 people will decide which candidate wins the state’s 20 electoral college votes–and arguably the entire election. I truly believe that the election will come down to the Buckeye state and I do not say that just because I chose to blog about it–I chose to blog about it because I already had such a hunch. The Huffington Post has an interesting article today (er, yesterday) about GOTV efforts in swing states such as Ohio. Blogger Seth Colter Walls reported that 20, 000 Obama volunteers knocked on almost 780, 000 doors in Ohio this weekend–can you believe it?!? That’s incredible and impressive, no matter what your political preference may be.

It’s game day people and it’s time to see who will win. Oh wow…

The Political Fountain of Youth

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Matthew Segal wrote an eloquent piece in today’s Huffington Post on the impact and central role of college-age voters in this election and politics in general. A graduate of Kenyon College in Ohio and founder/executive director of S.A.V.E. (Student Association for Voter Empowerment), Segal explains simply and clearly that college students’ passion and enthusiam set them apart from the rest of the population:

“2. Students not only care about their college communities, but also give tremendous service to them: I know from my experience at Kenyon College in Gambier, OH that students leave an indelible mark on their communities. Whether through tutoring children; bringing local farm products into campus cafeterias; or cleaning area parks, roads, and forest preserves; college students invest heavily in their school environments.”

With this in mind, we turn now to an article by Sophia Yan in a recent edition of The Oberlin Review, the college newspaper of Oberlin College in Ohio. Issues such as vote caging and Ohio’s 20 electoral votes have greatly impacted Oberlin students’ decisions regarding where they vote:

“Work at the grassroots level, through groups such as OPIRG and the Oberlin College Democrats, both part of the non-partisan Student Voter Coalition, has also affected voter registration. Colorado resident and College senior Jamey Arent decided to vote in Ohio after coming to Oberlin. Because he did not turn 18 until after the 2004 election, Arent had never been registered in Colorado to begin with. Early on in his Oberlin career, he was approached in the Wilder mailroom about registering. He said, “All the buzz about the importance of Ohio in 2004…partially influenced my decision.”

This year, College senior David Gutherz decided to vote early in Ohio; he expressed concern about voter fraud with absentee ballots. Gutherz, who hails from Virginia, has voted there in previous elections. He is “hoping it makes a difference” this time around.

The 2008 presidential election has drawn voters from every corner of the United States, and eyes from around the world are trained on what’s happening. Such attention has led to both media and public scrutiny of the election process, and some people still feel that the process is problematic.”

College students have and will undoubtedly continue to play a central role in the politics of this country and it is clear from these distinct yet related articles just how great their influence will be this coming Tuesday.

108 Years

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The Plain Dealer reported online that Obama trumps McCain in a 49% to 46% in a recent poll. What really caught my attention, however, was the reference to fact that Ohio has only been “wrong” in Presidential elections TWICE in the past 108 years. The report emphasizes, however, that this recent poll is in no way a done deal for either side:

“Eric Rademacher, interim co-director of the institute  [Institute for Policy Research at the University of Cincinnati], says Obama has an edge, but the highly charged race and partisan electorate make the contest similar to the unpredictable one four years ago.

“It is very possible that 2008 could be a repeat of 2004 when the race for Ohio was decided by just two percentage points,” he said.

The campaign in Ohio, which has been marked by negative television advertising and harsh rhetoric, is also potentially volatile because 11 percent of voters surveyed said they might change their minds. Just 3 percent remain undecided.

Both campaigns and special interest groups are trying to sway these voters by flooding them with last-minute negative messages in the mail.”

108 years, people. That’s an incredibly strong history and we have a little over a week to see whether this election will continue the trend or mark “wrong choice” number three.

OH hot campaign, this is my domain

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As if we needed more proof that Ohio is the state to watch in the next 11 days, Politico.com reported today that while McCain and Obama are more or less tied in Florida, Obama has moved into the lead in our favorite Buckeye state. The article breaks it down a little according to county (especially the contended Franklin County) and gender:

“Obama’s lead in Franklin County comes in large part from his strength among male voters, Towery said.

“[McCain’s] doing worse with males than he’s doing with females, and Obama’s picking up the lion’s share of independents in this particular county.”

Franklin County women currently prefer Obama, 48 percent to 44 percent. Among men, Obama leads by a surprising, 15-point margin, 53 percent to 38 percent.

“This is not good news for John McCain,” Towery said. “This county is just so representative of what’s going on in Ohio.”

McCain’s performance among men is stronger statewide. He trails Obama by 7 points among men, 42 percent to 49 percent, rather than by 15 points as in Franklin County. Obama currently leads among female voters in Ohio, 54 percent to 42 percent.

“If [McCain] can’t do something about that male percentage he’s a dead duck in Ohio,” Towery said.

In 2004, President George W. Bush won male voters in Ohio, 52 percent to 47 percent, and tied among female voters.

As Election Day draws closer, both presidential tickets have zeroed in on Ohio and Florida as possible keys to victory, and both have spent time campaigning in those states in recent days.”

Although the bottom line will not depend on male versus female, it is interesting to see the poll results broken down in this way. As poll analyst Towery said, McCain is a “dead duck” if he can’t close the gap in male voter preference in the next 11 days.

Time will tell…but not that much, we’ve’ got just over a week to go!

Robocop? No, Robotext.

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I apologize for the long lapse in posting–my true identity as a college student precluded me from posting as frequently, which is why my next post will go back to my original idea of looking at Ohio college publications to see what my peers in the Buckeye state are up to. For now, however, I bring you the latest in the election ethics in Ohio saga: the mass text message that went out to Columbus residents that led them to an anti-Obama message. The Republican National Committee denied any involvement in the matter and legal issues will prove difficult in figuring out why certain numbers were contacted, but the key issue here is that this development demonstrates that the urgency of this election is not going to let up even though we are now 12 days from the election. The game continues and the stakes are only going to get higher, seeing as a recent CNN poll shows that 7% of Ohioans polled are still undecided. That’s why incidents like the Robotext are so important–the outcome is not yet decided as many say it is and, consquently, these events require our utmost attention if we want to be informed, thoughtful voters (which at least I do).